Current Productions

Look At The Town!

First produced by Poiema Productions/THEATrePUBLIC for the 2019 Edmonton Fringe Festival, then selected by the St. Albert’s Children’s Festival for 2020 (postponed)

written and directed by Kenneth Brown

starring Brianne Jang, Candice Fiorentino, Melissa Blackwood, and Bob Rasco

“Audiences of all ages will fall under the spell of this truly enchanting piece of theatre.” 

Isabel is a precocious 11-year-old whose small town would be an ideal place if it weren’t losing its businesses to a mega-mart that has recently moved in, and losing its sense of place and culture to modernity. What’s more, the town authorities become so risk-averse that the whole social fabric is threatened when they begin to cancel the festivals and cut back on the traditions that keep the town’s culture flourishing. Even Halloween isn’t sacred! 

But Isabel and her friends aren’t daunted. They find ways to express themselves and to build the community.

Look At The Town! is performed in and around a completely-realized miniature town, complete with buildings, roads, parks, a school, and the local skating rink. Kids and adults alike love taking a tour before the show, and staying afterwards to explore the detailed little world. The show is full of “little epiphanies and sweet moments, character studies that engross and enchant.”

“How can you possibly resist the sweet charms of a tale set in a miniature town?” asked critic Liz Nichols, and then provided the only answer: “You can’t.”

Look At The Town stars Brianne Jang, Candice Fiorentino, Melissa Blackwood, and Bob Rasco

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