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12th Night Review: 2 Sherlock Adventures

“It’s more than satisfying to simply witness a couple of seasoned pros stand on an all-but-bare stage with only two chairs and well… act, having chosen wonderful stories to tell.” – Alan Kellogg,

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Life After Life After Hockey

What if you wrote a play that was so popular that you performed this play over a thousand times across Canada and Europe?  What if the very success of that play was a trap?  Welcome to Life After Life After Hockey.  A podcast about a Canadian theatre artist and the wonderful, sometimes bizarre, sometimes dangerous influences on…

Treasure Island

Get yer ARRRGHs on!  Ken and John Huston’s upcoming collaboration is an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s great classic.  The show was scheduled for production in the summer of 2020 at the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals, and never went into rehearsal for all-too-obvious reasons.  Ken’s adaptation still awaits, as does the treasure chest, the…

Past Productions

Life After Hockey (1984)

a Canadian classicEdmonton Sun Life After Hockey is a one-man show about a man and his obsession. “Rink Rat Brown” is found skating around on an outdoor rink under the stars. Discovering that he has an audience, Rink Rat begins to tell the tall tale of how it was he (and not former NHL great…