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12th Night Review: 2 Sherlock Adventures

“It’s more than satisfying to simply witness a couple of seasoned pros stand on an all-but-bare stage with only two chairs and well… act, having chosen wonderful stories to tell.” – Alan Kellogg,

Edmonton Journal review: 2 Sherlock Adventures “The rather reliable charm of this year’s Fringe Holmes via hardworking vets Kenneth Brown and John Huston is that not only do they each flip back and forth between P.I. and M.D., seamlessly switching personas as easily as passing a deerstalker hat, but they handle the rest of the ensemble, too, including a bereaved… Continue reading Edmonton Journal review: 2 Sherlock Adventures

SHERLOCK at the Fringe

THEATrePUBLIC presents 2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures at the 2021 Edmonton Fringe Festival. John D. Huston and Kenneth Brown create a cluster of characters around the famous duo of Holmes and Watson, changing characters on a dime and delivering the comedy, the drama, and the beautiful language of two of Conan Doyle’s most delightful stories. It… Continue reading SHERLOCK at the Fringe