Video Poems

Every Time We Say Goodbye
a poem
You Should Be Afraid
The third in a series of video poems, recorded in February, 2021

Victory Church
a poem with music


Preview of 2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures
2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures featuring Kenneth Brown and John D. Huston at the Edmonton Fringe 2021

Video Preview of Look At The Town (2019) TYA
A preview of the THEATrePUBIC/Poiema Productions co-production of Kenneth Brown’s Look At The Town, featuring Briane Jang, Candice Fiorentino, Melissa Blackwood, and Bob Rasko. Direction, Music, by K. Brown.“Audiences of all ages will fall under the spell of this truly enchanting piece of theatre.”
Roy vs. The Red Baron
Roy Versus The Red Baron (2018) featuring Andrew Gummer and Zachary Parsons-Lozinski
Preview: Spiral Dive, Episode 1
Spiral Dive, Episode One (2008), featuring Caley Suliak, Blake William Turner, and Bryan Webb