Old Bastards by Kenneth Brown

A Note about this play: 

My two plays in this venue were born just before Covid brought all our worlds to a screeching stop.  Then…backlog, as we theatre people lost all outlets for our unique obsession. 

Old Bastards was begun in 2018, and I’ve kept it there, because of the despair and anger that was aroused—and unleashed— by the Strange Orange Beast (S.O.B.) who held the nuclear codes for four years.  

But life follows art, and it is strange indeed that the central issue of this play has become a central issue in my life, and in many lives around me.  If you (or yours) are facing what Basil is facing, I hope you can learn to come to grips with it as Arnie does.  “What’s wrong with being in love?” 

Staring Kenneth Brown and Sean Quigley

About Ken:

Kenneth Brown’s first Fringe was 1982, as a spectator.  After that, he became friends
with Fringe founder Brian Paisley, and he has been a Fringe addict ever since.  He has
produced massive hits and grinding no-shows in almost every form that theatre can take,
from poetic monologues like Life After Hockey to socio-political screeds like Cambodia,
A Play for People Who Find Television Too Slow.

Fringe has given Ken an opportunity to put all kinds of new ideas onto the stage.  It has opened up vistas of travel–he knows the best bike routes of every major Canadian city!  It has brought him occasional high praise from the world, and brought him into conflict with critics–as is only right. Most importantly, it has brought him opportunity to work with wonderful people.  They’re all younger than him now.  How did that happen… so quickly..?

He is trying to get better at the practice of gratitude.  So here’s a thing:  Kenneth Brown is grateful to be alive.  And very grateful to all those who make life worth living.

About Sean:

Sean Quigley has worked as an actor, director, and teacher for 25 years. Sean has also worked on, and been a staunch advocate for the homeless and for mental health issues across the country. Sean currently resides in London, Ontario with his wife and daughter and is delighted to be working with his dear old friend Ken.

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