The Kennedy Space Center(re)

Florida, May 24. The 24th of May Is the Queen’s Birthday If you don’t give us a holiday We’ll all run away   I grew up with my grandmother reciting that once a year. It’s the Queen’s Birthday, up in my homeland. Not that anyone for a thousand miles around here would know or care.Continue reading “The Kennedy Space Center(re)”

ECONOMIES: a poem after visiting the Royal BC Museum

ECONOMIES (after a day at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria)   We made five shillings a month Ordinary seaman, bosun did better And when we seen them natives and their canoes We thought, how’d they get the time to carve all that cedar That takes time you know and naught to eat but driedContinue reading “ECONOMIES: a poem after visiting the Royal BC Museum”

Response to an Act of Religious Warfare

In the aftermath of the Paris killings, the Facebook world has been, as is only appropriate, afire with opinion, speculation, ire and sympathy. I do not have the kinds of Facebook friends (I’m happy to report) who leap to make bigoted statements about Muslims, or to publicly indulge in revenge fantasy.  I am, however, surprisedContinue reading “Response to an Act of Religious Warfare”

Rebel Without A Cock: Trainwreck

Rebel Without A Cock: Trainwreck, directed by Judd Apatow, written by and starring Amy Schumer Watching the bourgeois heart that is revealed beating at the core of this mediocre film is like watching that tiresome James Dean “classic” for the first time. You have the same bewildered sense of trying to find the rebellious streakContinue reading “Rebel Without A Cock: Trainwreck”

Tomorrowland and Fury Road… Virtue is SO yesterday

Two Kinds of Tomorrow On Mad Max: Fury Road, the critics have spoken: it’s okay to like diesel-powered gas guzzling trucks spewing smoke across the desert while bands of apes (some of them female!) shoot, stab, club, gouge, crush, disembowel, and otherwise murder one another in the name of Saving the Girls (as long as,Continue reading “Tomorrowland and Fury Road… Virtue is SO yesterday”

Why I’m voting for the NDP in Alberta’s election on Tuesday

Why I am voting for the NDP in the coming Alberta election. I am a lifelong leftist. It’s something that I learned on my parents’ knees, so to speak.  They were the son and daughter of Alberta pioneers who suffered terribly when capitalism spectacularly crashed in 1929, and were active enemies of European fascism inContinue reading “Why I’m voting for the NDP in Alberta’s election on Tuesday”