Mexico City in February

FEB 5: Mexico City On the fifth, Stewart, Pat, the teens and I ride Dario’s truck down into Taxco and breakfast together, then part affectionately and I enjoy the downhill walk to the bus terminal. I sit playing my little guitar, which impresses the locals just a little (the fact that a gringo sits playing,Continue reading “Mexico City in February”

Up In The Hills above Taxco

Taxco/Tetipac The bus trip lands me at El Norte, the Northern bus station of Mexico City, and I blow 175 pesos on a cab ride to the Southern Station, which turned out to be a foolish expense, since the traffic crawled through the vast city so slowly that I would have proceeded much faster onContinue reading “Up In The Hills above Taxco”

The New Year in Mexico: San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel After another lengthy bus ride (this one not ridden by hangover), I arrive after dark at San Miguel de Allende, one of the homes of the Mexican independence movement. I am overjoyed to see my friends David and Marlene, two of the most extraordinary cultured and kind people I’ve ever met. The WilsonsContinue reading “The New Year in Mexico: San Miguel de Allende”

Mexico in 2014-15: Puerto Escondido, Vallarta, Gaudelajara

MEXICO IN 2014/2015 Dec 26-27 The landing in Cuidad de Mexico is harsh, having red-eyed it to Toronto from Edmonton, spent a worried hour in the departure lounge, where they boasted individual tablets at each seat in the absurdly costly cafeteria, none of which connected effectively with the Net. Then onto the plane at 8:30Continue reading “Mexico in 2014-15: Puerto Escondido, Vallarta, Gaudelajara”

What Widgets This Way Come? -3D printing

The 3D printer (after watching the documentary Print the Legend.) It will become increasingly clear over the next few years that three-dimensional printing is a shift in industrial process as important as the move from wind and water power to steam. I make this assertion as a technological innocent, a sixty-year-old who has trouble keepingContinue reading “What Widgets This Way Come? -3D printing”

American Sniper–Let God Sort Them Out

In writing about the film Fury, I praised it for its disinclination to engage in the usual false geopolitical assertion that America Saved The World from Nazism in 1945. Failing to speculate geopolitically is not a virtue in the case of Clint Eastwood’s new biopic American Sniper. Although told with a cool efficiency that hasContinue reading “American Sniper–Let God Sort Them Out”

The Unexpected Virtue of Theatre

Michael Keaton is not an actor who’s easy to love. He famously blew his career out the window, or perhaps up his nose, and then made a gradual recovery through not particularly memorable roles, his one stop in Shakespeare a travesty of misunderstanding of Dogberry, one of the funniest roles in English drama. Emma StoneContinue reading “The Unexpected Virtue of Theatre”

The Big Red Leap: Baumgartner’s Step Into Space

Red Bull versus Apollo I’m of that vintage that, as I type, I can still remember the muscular effort it took, the particular mechanical, as it were pianistic feel of typing an essay on a portable Remington. The medium I’m typing on now also served as an information delivery system for the much-distributed video ofContinue reading “The Big Red Leap: Baumgartner’s Step Into Space”

Interstellar: We ARE in Kansas!

Interstellar, by Chris Nolan We ARE in Kansas, Dorothy By Kenneth Brown Notwithstanding Matthew (“I’m my own god”) McConaughey’s excellent work in this film, I could barely keep myself interested, or indeed even awake at certain moments, in spite of the earsplitting volume at which Hans Zimmer’s baldly programmatic score was blared at us everyContinue reading “Interstellar: We ARE in Kansas!”